IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure

Over the past decade IT infrastructure technology has evolved from full on premise physical solutions to virtualized and on to private and public clouds. Enterprises are increasingly deploying business applications in Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service environments. While cloud computing is growing at an unprecedented rate the need for on premise solutions with highly virtualized data centers and VDI is still strong.

APPLICOM is an IT company in Dubai with advanced expertise in all aspects of the IT infrastructure field. Our infrastructure partners include leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, Barracuda, Cisco, VMWare, Veeam and Edgecore.

Tailor software to your needs

The adoption of Microsoft Sharepoint by enterprises continues to grow exponentially. The inclusion of Sharepoint Online as part of the Microsoft Office365 suite has made it easier for organizations of all sizes to deploy Sharepoint without the capital investment and time needed for on premise solutions.


APPLICOM’s software development team has advanced skills in the implementation of Sharepoint applications spanning the full lifecycle from requirements gathering to development, deployment, project management and support.

Secure your network

Networks are interconnected more than ever and threats are increasingly more sophisticated. Any part of the infrastructure is a target whether it is in the data center, cloud, at the end point or mobile device. Attacks occur through all entry points : at the network perimeter, email server, web server, web access and unprotected end points. An effective IT security solution must be deployed at multiple levels and often involves technologies by multiple vendors.

Network security

APPLICOM partners with the industry’s leading IT security vendors to provide total IT security solutions.

Communicate and Collaborate

The convergence of data and voice networks using VoIP technologies has enabled numerous features not previously available with legacy telephone systems. The integration of voice, video, instant messaging, presence, voicemail and email under one interface is a powerful tool for today’s active knowledge worker. Scheduled multiparty conferencing is an indispensable tool for business leading to improved productivity and reduced cost.


APPLICOM is on the forefront of Unified Communications , Collaboration and Contact Center technologies and has partnered with industry leaders Shoretel, Cisco and Avaya to bring these solutions to business customers in the Middle East.

About Us

IT Company in Dubai UAE

APPLICOM has provided companies in the UAE and GCC with IT solutions and support since 1996. APPLICOM has a team of multidisciplinary highly experienced engineers covering different specialties of information technology such as networking, systems, security, and telephony.  

As an IT company in the UAE, APPLICOM provides products and services needed by enterprises of all sizes to harness the latest developments in information technology for the purpose of improving productivity, competitive position, and profitability. Our areas of focus: 

IT infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

End-to-end computing solutions. Fixed and wireless networks. Servers in physical and virtual environments. On-premise and cloud.

IT Security

IT Security

Best of breed products and solutions to secure the IT infrastructure. Protect the network at all entry points and against all threats.

unified communication

Unified Communications

IP telephony,Office phone system, conferencing, mobility, and contact center solutions. Integration with business applications.

data backup

Backup & Recovery

Data back-up and recovery solutions to suit specific recovery points and recovery time objectives.

software development

Software Development

Development of Microsoft Sharepoint based applications and integrations with existing ERP applications.

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