4ipnet Wireless Network


 Advanced Wireless Networks powered by 4ipnet.

As a growing trend in the world, an internet based search has become vital in every person’s life. The internet usage has increased dramatically in recent years and browsing the internet has become so popular and important.Communication infrastructure has a significant impact on world economy and  hence the challenge of improving it is growing rapidly.There was a time when the people in Africa did not have access to free internet, which means  they were excluded from using the internet as an empowerment tool. Just think of a situation when you can’t e-mail, conduct research and browse the internet to know what is happening in the world.

How did the Scenario change?.

With a total of fewer than 10 million landlines, 3G has played the most important role in bringing the Internet to the people in Africa. 3G was provided by mobile operators and they could change the situation by bringing in wealth and opportunity.

There was a problem, though – 3G was expensive.

Why? Because 3G is a proprietary technology and requires huge capital expenditure and detailed planning, which in turn requires significant human resources.

Things have now changed!!

With the use of smart phones, more than 50 % of households now have access to a Wi-Fi enabled device.We know there exist numerous Wireless networking providers in different parts of Africa. But my question is how can you differentiate between the good and the bad.

Traditional WLAN solutions require many different components that are difficult to deploy and manage.Traditional Wireless Solutions are complex and need multiple appliances/Devices such as:


  • Gateway or Router for WAN Connectivity from ISP.
  • Controller for AP Management.
  • Gateway for Traffic and Bandwidth control.
  • Webserver for Login Pages.
  • Monitoring system for users and devices and many more…

These systems are complicated and very expensive but there is a simple and much affordable solution which is 4ipnet.

4ipnet offers ALL-IN-ONE Wireless LAN solution which includes gateway or router for WLAN Connectivity, a controller for AP management, the gateway for traffic & bandwidth control, web server for login pages and monitoring system for users and devices. There are no license fees or modules for any of these functionalities.