Unlimited Wi-Fi internet in Nigeria/Africa

Do you run a hotel,restaurant,book store or another public place where your clients would enjoy the benefits of having access to WiFi hotspots?. It's high time to setup a Wi-Fi Hotspot service and provide internet for your clients and believe me it is going to be beneficial and control the costs at the same time.


Today we are witnessing the growth of wi-fi internet with increasing coverage in the Mainland.With Wi-Fi hotspot service, consumers around Yaba & South West Ikoyi will be able to enjoy unlimited surfing of the internet.Consumers can stream TV shows and movies and browse their favorite sits without worrying about data costs and expensive prices of other network providers. With the help of the Internet,  we are providing the power in consumers’ hands to surf the internet whenever, wherever and on whatever device at the same price points.Nigerians can now browse and stream content previously not available to them. Users will be able to connect any Wi-Fi enabled tablet and phone.

Just imagine a scenario: you’re staying at a hotel that offers free and secure WiFi or  when you receive a notification on your device alerting you to an available WiFi connection with strong network quality.That's what you call bliss and we provide the same bliss for everyone.

4ipnet offers wireless networking solutions (access points, wlan controllers and hotspot gateways) across Africa and Middle East.What makes 4ipnet unique from the other wireless networking providers is that it is an "All in One Wireless LAN Solution which includes WAN Gateway & Controller for AP, User & Network Management”.

APPLICOM,provides 4ipnet products across Middle East and Africa.We deploy wide area WiFi networks for multi-tenant buildings, hotel and educational institutions and our long range WiFi equipment are cost effective and can be deployed easily. APPLICOM always offer quality products and always work through proper channels and believes in building channel relationships.