4ipnet Healthcare Solutions

Enable smooth life-critical applications with Secure&Reliable WLAN



In hospitals, it is common to see picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), numerous mobile medical carts and nursing stations operating simultaneously, which has resulted in the increasing demand for Wi-Fi connectivity. Since these equipment or devices perform mission-critical applications such as real time monitoring and data transmission to present accurate information, it is fundamental to ensure the robustness of Wi-Fi services.


In addition, physicians and nurses use tablets a lot to check patients’ information during rounds, bringing the BYOD trend to the healthcare industry. Moreover, visitors also need guest Wi-Fi access while waiting in hospital lobbies or outside of operation rooms. Therefore, healthcare institutes not only need to provide Wi-Fi, but also segregate users to maintain network security and performance. Therefore, a managed Wi-Fi solution is best for the healthcare industry.



Problems often encountered are:

  • Disconnection of Wi-Fi affects the quality of medical services
  • Physicians and nurses need to check patients’ information during rounds
  • Lack of sufficient bandwidth to support PACS, EHR, and other medical systems
  • Confidential patient data transmitted over Wi-Fi needs to be secured




4ipnet healthcare solution brings mobility to medical staff and visitors, keeps Wi-Fi networks secure, and provides an ideal environment for mission-critical communications.

We deliver a comprehensive solution with:

  • Redundancy and uplink failover ensures reliable operation
  • Wi-Fi and seamless roaming on every floor supports mobile medical carts and nursing stations to present timely information
  • Traffic remarking guarantees the quality of mission-critical systems even when network utilization is high
  • AES data encryption secures data transmission; layer 2 firewall ensures that unnecessary packets do not reach wireless medium


By adopting 4ipnet’s wireless solution, hospitals would be able to provide reliable Internet access to the members of its community. The combination of a series of advanced features ensure that physicians, hospital staff as well as visitors can use the wireless networks without interruptions.