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4ipnet is a global wireless network infrastructure provider for manageable, reliable and secure Wi-Fi access. 4ipnet’s comprehensive product portfolio includes wireless LAN controllers, access points, hotspot gateways, and switches.

The advance feature in each 4ipnet product enables the integration of both wired as well as wireless network access for all public Wi-Fi settings. This proves to be extremely beneficial to a large number of users; be it large-scale enterprises or even small-sized hotels.

4ipnet is the perfect choice for organizations which look for affordable, comprehensive and effective Wireless LAN solutions and help in meeting evolving capacity and performance demands along with reducing the total cost of ownership.





Wireless Access Points

access points

4ipnet's access points come with different types of antenna ,coverage and mounting mechanisms to meet the needs of different deployment options and also it removes spotty coverafe. Features like band steering,multicast to unicast conversion and wireless QoS assure smooth performance.


WLAN Controller

4ipnet WHG controllers address issues of network performance to security and reliability with advanced features such as centralized AP discovery, automatic AP provisioning, load balancing, and detailed status monitoring.


wlan controller

Wireless Hotspot Gateway

4ipnet hotspot gateways are the perfect choice for any hotel, hospital , office buiding or even a ware house. It allows network administrator to provide guests with a easy login method and makes the process easy.So the guests need to enter only their email address.


wlan controller

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