4ipnet Wi-Fi Installation at Bilva Indian School

Bilva Indian School,Dubai has chosen 4ipnet for impeccable Wi-Fi in the high-density environment and manage a huge number of concurrent users. 

Bilva Indian School - Dubai

Deploys State of the Art 4ipnet Wireless


Bilva Indian School provides a system of education that encourages learning by kindling the curiosity of the students. Bilva Indian School provide a dynamic learning environment that provides an opportunity for students to explore new avenues of learning


  • 100% Wi-Fi Coverage in Very Large Class Rooms & Wide Corridors with Fire Proof Metal Doors. Access Point Should be Fixed in wide corridor and Need full Wi-Fi Coverage in Corridor & Inside Class Room Passing thru Concrete Wall and Fire Proof Doors.
  • Wi-Fi for up to 900 Active Concurrent Users & 60 Access Points to cover G+2 Floors & Wireless Ticket Printer for Easy Guest Wi-Fi authentication
  • All Students to use Laptops & Tablets and Need Access Point which Should Support Minimum of 55 Active Concurrent users/devices.
  • Wi-Fi system should support Multiple service zones such as Staff, Guest, Student, Management etc. with different policies on each service zone
  • Speed Limitation, Time & Number of Login device Limitation per Student / User Account
  • Auditorium to offer Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution for third party events with Guests/User Data Collection & Social Media Login.
  • Centralized AP management for easily monitoring the status of APs distributed across the vast school premises.
  • Offering 100% Wireless Connectivity to students to ensure uninterrupted Wi-Fi & Uninterrupted Education.
  • Seamless and fast roaming between access points to ensure zero disconnective issues even on the go.
  • Customizable captive portals for School & Auditorium to serve information and perform branding based on events
  • Quick account generation and ticket printing with the Wireless Ticketing System for School Guests


The following 4ipnet Wireless Items were Deployed in Bilva Indian School - Dubai

  • WHG525 Wireless LAN Controller
  • 60 X EAP760 Wireless Access Point
  • WTG2 Wireless Ticket Generator KIT

After Evaluating 4ipnet’s proposed solution, Bilva School found that it could fulfill all of their needs, and was very pleased with the results. They decided to deploy WHG525 Wireless LAN Controllers and EAP760 AP's across the 2 Floor Building with a wireless ticket generator kit that would help front desk staff quickly print account credentials for guests. At the touch of a button, tickets with login credentials and matching QR codes could be printed, allowing guests to connect to the network without the troublesome login process


  • Offering 100% Wireless Coverage in such big Class Rooms by fixing AP's in wide Corridor was a challenge and was achieved with 4ipnet EAP760 Access Points which comes with 28dBm Output Power for Long range coverage.
  • WHG525 Supports Multiple WAN Connections with Load Balancing & can offer dedicated bandwidth to different service zones & can manage up to 1000 Active Concurrent Users & 300 Access Points & have internal Memory for storing User Information, Detail Logs & Reports, Detailed User Browsing Histories & Network Statistics
  • EAP760 is designed for High Density Class Room deployments which comes with two 3x3 MIMO radios with 802.11AC which can handle large number of concurrent users. Offers Throughput of 1.75 Gbps Speed
  • Centralized AP Management allows IT Admin to Manage AP's installed in different Blocks & Departments of the Vast School Building without Physical Visit to AP. Features includes Real Time Email Notifications for AP status change, AP discovery & Provisioning, Bulk Firmware Upgrades, Template Based AP Configurations & AP load Balancing.
  • By having controller in network, we achieved Fast Seamless roaming between individual access points to ensure uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience
  • Customizable captive portals for each service zone to serve information and perform branding
  • Quick account generation and ticket printing with the Hotspot Ticketing System for School Visitors & Guests
  • WHG 525 Supports tiered administration with multiple captive protals, Social Media Login & User data collection for Auditorium Hall which is rented to 3rd party events.
  • With increasing security regulations in School Wi-Fi deployments, WLAN solutions need to be able to effectively track all network activity. 4ipnet offers a complete set of logs & reports from its monitoring interface, including user browsing histories, NAT conversion logs, and all authentication related events.

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4ipnet Wi-Fi Installation @ Bilva Indian School - Dubai