IP Phone Systems


 It is high time to say goodbye to traditional land lines.

It is high time to say goodbye to traditional land lines.Thanks to the convenience and cost savings offered by technology. People have now stopped subscribing to land line services. Large business organizations have started using IP phone systems and small business owners are now wondering if it’s time to cut the ties with their traditional phone company in the office. One popular alternative for traditional mode of communication is Internet Protocol (IP) phones. If you want to find out if IP phone is the right communication solution for your business, you’ll benefit from taking a deeper look at how IP phones and traditional mode of communication compare!!!


Why should you choose IP phones?

 Diversity: There are different types of IP Phones ranging from softphones that can run on your computer, and Voice over Wi-Fi phones that operate using the wireless network. On the other hand, analog phones aren’t available in so many forms.

Single Network: With IP Phones there is a single network to build and maintain. The  analog phones need a separate network with telephone cables in addition to the IP network for data.

Mobility: IP Phones can just be moved from one desk to another and employees can work from remote locations using the mobility feature.

Remote Maintenance: IP Phones can be accessed and its configuration could be checked/changed from a remote network over the internet and this makes making configuration changes / maintenance easier.

Multiple Lines: While analog/digital phones could have a maximum one extension, IP Phones could have multiple extensions.

Video Calling: IP phones offer video calling facility and makes video conferencing / meeting much easier.

Above mentioned are just a few features of the IP phone systems.For more features click here

If you’re ready to switch over to IP phones and find out which one works best for your business, take a look at our informative models of IP telephones.