IP PBX Phone System 


The key concern for any business owner before investing in new phone system  or unified communication solution are whether this investment will increase profitability,productivity by reducing operational costs.Investments need to deliver a positive ROI and it should enable your people to be more productive and efficient.

Here’s the deal:

You'll find the TOP 5 Tips for choosing an IP PBX for your business.

1. Easy to use unified communications

Businesses of all kind, be it small, medium or large enterprises can greatly benefit from tools like click-to-call, click to IM etc. This is indeed a very effective way to increase productivity by decreasing the cost of 3rd party internet service providers.

Conferencing / Video Collaboration has also become a significant feature in real time communication.The features on the desk phones will make your daily business conference calls more easy and is often overlooked as a key requirement for productivity increase. In addition to that,integrating a directory in the telephone system and to provide a "call by name" feature will save a lot of time and provide a great improvement in daily productivity.

2.Protects Your Investment

Requirements may change over time and you need to make sure you get a system that will scale with your company size and requirements. Also, it is important in selecting a vendor that has been in the market for years to support and maintain your system in the long term.Make sure you are selecting an easy to use and easy to maintain telephony system, and this will assure a much lower operational cost over the long term.

Companies take into account CAPEX and OPEX as a cost of operating a network.Instead of focusing on the significance of initial capital expenditure and installation costs, consider the long term on-going cost.An ROI is measured by increased transactions, increased productivity, increase customer satisfaction and by cost saving.

3.Mobility and BYOD for Employees

The internet usage from mobiles devices has exceeded PC/laptop.

Employees can now Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and works from the remote location on their device. The mobility feature allows employees to join a conference call/ video collaboration with the push of a button and get things done from anywhere.

Want to know the best part??

It is the ultimate way to improve your workflow by removing the time and distant factors.

4.Network Assessment

Enterprises focus implementing productivity-enhancing IT services with reduced costs.Hence, the chances of facing the complexity between network security, mobility, quality of services  on their data network could be an issue.

Here is what the study conducted by Network Barometer have found:

It was surprising...

  • 60% of network devices have at least one security vulnerability.
  • 74% of wireless access points are still older models  that don’t support a sound mobility and security strategy.
  • 3% of network devices are aging or obsolete.

These points above show it is critical to review the status of your network infrastructure.

Upgrading your network to the latest technology is a critical element to making sure VoIP, UC, and BYOD investments run smoothly based on your infrastructure.

5. Technology and collaboration

On a weekly basis, a vendor introduces a new gadget, system or services that promise us to communicate and collaborate better.

It’s not what technology you’ve got, but how you use it!

Going through this could take time, but this is one of the most important business infrastructure decisions you’ll make, so take time to pre-plan so you make the right business value decision with the right ip pbx vendors.