IP PBX Benefits


 ip pbxAdvanced communication solutions like IP PBX phone systems prove to be the efficient and suitable for businesses that are looking for great telephony performance.Upgrading business phone system provides companies with cost efficiency and availability. Apart from these advantages, some other least popular benefits should not be unnoticed when exploring how upgrading a phone system can meet your business's communication needs. 

What exactly are the in depth facts of an IP-PBX solution offered by ShoreTel?

Let's have a look:

  • Ease of Configuration:

One of the highlight of an IP-based phone system is it's simple configuration process.Switching over to internet-based telephone, however, will not disrupt business as IP phone system does not require physical writing as the phone lines are routed over the internet. 

  • Ability to Monitor an Entire System Centrally 

Your ShoreTel IP-PBX system is manageable from a single interface.You might have been living so long with the copper wires and unclear phone system of your organization.Now you can imagine the fast assessment of a problem with IP-PBX system from a central internet based interface. 

  • ShoreTel IP BX system runs on Linux

 An advanatage of ShoreTel IP PBX phone system is that it runs on Linux, allowing simple installation and management.Also, it is available as fully hardware and virtual applications. Call control, trunking, mobility routing and collaboration applications gives an extra layer of feature and gives the users the flexibility to choose from and array of VoIP providers and IP phones, providing better business phone system as per preferences and needs.

 Not all advantages of IP-PBX phone systems are addressed equally by different providers.

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