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WatchGuard is a leader in providing affordable easy-to-manage network security. WatchGuard offers solutions to deliver security, performance, and rock-solid reliability for businesses ranging in size from small branch offices to large enterprises. WatchGuard’s Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) pack the features and performance necessary to protect the infrastructure of large enterprises. WatchGuard Extensible Threat Management XTM appliances are Unified Threat Management solutions with total protection widely deployed by small and medium businesses worldwide.


Next Generation Firewall


Every business wants to be secure in their own terms. We understand that and hence you are in control. You can put WatchGuard’s powerful Next-Generation Firewall at the edge of your network and grow over time by adding exactly the security functions you need, when you need them.

WatchGuard’s powerful Fireware® operating system is the fastest, most reliable, most agile platform in the industry. It is designed to run full versions of the leading security engines in every category. With the built-in headroom, you can scale up whenever you need to. You get all the performance and all the protection in your own terms.

Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management (UTM) from WatchGuard is the industry's high performing, all in one network security platform. This is a full- featured, take-no-prisoners, screaming-fast security appliance that scales with your business, fits in your budget, and is easy to distribute across every network you manage.


We are always watching and aware!! WatchGuard Dimension is our award winning visibility tool that is standard on every WatchGuard UTM. So you can visualize and detect any threat from one intuitive console.

Firewall Appliances

No matter which security platform you choose — NGFW, UTM, or a mix — WatchGuard makes it easy to set security policies once and instantly propagate them across your enterprise.

No matter what you choose from WatchGuard, you can’t get it wrong.


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