WatchGuard Data Loss Prevention Keeps Data Private


The Impact of Data Loss

Risks are associated with every business.Though there isn't any fiscal value associated to the data, it can have a significantly negative effect. The impact of data loss can be threefold.

Firstly, the data is unrecoverable.Important business data could be permanently lost forever. This is indeed a bad situation.Secondly, the data could be recoverable but it will take considerable time to restore.This is the most likely scenario and indeed a better situation that irrecoverable loss. In some situations, the data may not be completely recovered.Finally, if the lost data is unavailable, either permanently or temporarily,it could cause applications not directly related to fail.

Stolen Data

Data loss occurs through theft or breach of private data occurs when a hacker is able to access internal company information vital to business operations. Data theft has legal consequences.Remember, allowing a sensitive or confidential data to fall into the hands of external parties has serious consequences for your business.Whether it happens unknowingly or intentionally , a data breach leads to costly fines for violations.

WatchGuard Data Loss Prevention is a uniquely comprehensive service for WatchGuard NGFW/ UTM platform that helps keep data private. It's affordable, easy to configure and integrated into WatchGuard's award winning UTM family of network security solutions. WatchGuard DLP prevents data breaches by scanning text and files to detect sensitive information.All data that is transferred via email, web or FTP is inspected automatically.Unlike other UTM DLP vendors, WatchGuard's subscription-based service covers personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, and healthcare information.