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Watchguard technologiesThe reports of data breach occurred last year shown that an estimate of 1.2 billion usernames and passwords and 500 million emails have been hacked. It is high time for small companies to take their data security seriously. Early reports suggest that hackers have used the usernames and passwords to send spam messages on social-media accounts like twitter and such data breach could lead to more harmful fraudulent activities. In order to thwart such attacks,business owners and companies need to do all they can to secure their websites and customer information. Businesses that deal with any kind of confidential or sensitive information like passwords or credit card information need to take extra security. So,

How to protect your company from hackers?

  • Don’t store more customer data than you need: There is no reason to keep credit card numbers and other sensitive information if the data is no longer relevant or needed for the business. "If you have nothing to steal, you won't be robbed."


  • Put the right technologies in place :  First and foremost, make sure you have a firewall protecting your network. You need to have strong passwords—even those that require two-factor authentication—to access sensitive information. Use cyber-protection software against viruses and malware on your web site.


  • Teach your employees to thwart attacks: Many breaches occur because employees unintentionally or unknowingly hand over sensitive business information to a hacker by means of clicking on malicious links sent to them via email. Supply your employees with best practices—such as using strong password protections and secure networks when working remotely—whenever they use personal devices such as smartphones or laptops for work. Training employees on how to look for—and avoid—such breaches can protect a business from being the next victim. 

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