WatchGuard Data Loss Prevention



data breach    If 2015 was the year of the data breach, then 2016 must be the year of data protection.Fortunately, more and more organizations are coming to realize that there is a solution for data breaches- a way to keep all the data secure when a security breach occur. Encryption gives the best defense against data hackers and the bets prevention for the consequences of data loss for businesses and customers.

Take a look at the percentage of data breaches occurred in the last year.

data breach report

No one wants to be the victim of data breach. As hackers get increasingly sophisticated, companies must prepare for such an event. The IT industry has an answer to almost every security problem. So what can be done to protect the data??

WatchGuard® Technologies has introduced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution  and users can select from a pre-configured library of more than 200 rules that monitor multiple file types, standards and sensitive data.This allows businesses to instantly protect their data. The advantage for IT professionals is that by choosing a DLP solution that’s integrated with UTM, companies can simplify their data protection while reducing their total cost of ownership for network security by nearly half. The WatchGuard UTM strategy allows small and mid-size companies to have the same “best of breed” security that the largest enterprises enjoy while still having a single, reasonably priced, easy to manage security solution.

So, what are you waiting for??? Stay away from data breach with WatchGuard Data Loss Prevention.