Network threats are invisible. They can come from anywhere, any time and they can bring you down before you even know they are there.In order to seize them, you need a network security solution that is at the top.That's WatchGuard. It is uniquely designed to be the industry's smartest, fastest and most potent network security solution.

Survival of the Fittest

Security technologies for anti-virus/anti-spam, intrusion prevention and APT blocker are unique in their own way, so only world's most trusted solutions make it for out security appliances. The best-of-the-breed security scanning technologies take the seat on top of the platform and that is why WatchGuard became the fastest and most agile in the industry.

In order to give best performance at maximum cost effectiveness, we focus on perfecting our Firewall system to run full versions of the industry's leading scanning engines on an industry-standard platform .

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We See Threats More Clearly

By integrating the best security technologies available in our platform, our experts can focus on purpose-driven technology that solve real security problems. 

Watch. Guard. Hunt. Repeat.

Seeing is believing. If you can see it, you can deal with it, so visibility is protection. That's WatchGuard Dimension™. Dimension is WatchGuard's award-winning visibility tool that's standard on every WatchGuard NGFW or UTM appliance. Dimension enables busy IT security managers to instantly visualize and isolate threats to network security.

              "WatchGuard Dimension is a tool designed to make life easier for security professionals, so they can more quickly distill key information and security                          data into actionable policy creation.” - Frost & Sullivan


Red Is Built for Speed

Other manufacturers might offer faster throughput for one single security technology but WatchGuard's network security platform deliver the fastest throughput when all of its powerful scanning engines are turned on. So turn them all on.

Be the Hunter

Whatever the threat environment is, WatchGuard has covered you with the safe layer.Whether you want a Next-Generation Firewall or a full Unified Threat Management solution, Watchguard has it. WatchGuard puts you at the top of the network security food chain with its enterprise-class security technologies.