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Retain Hotel Guests with Easy to Use & Managed WiFi

In recent years, reliable Wi-Fi has become one of the most important amenities for hotel guests. In addition to investing in the latest Wi-Fi technology, hotels are also seeking value-added applications to increase ROI, such as incorporating Wi-Fi within their loyalty programs or using Wi-Fi to collect guest information.

APPLICOM Offers State-of-the-art WiFi Solution for Hotels.

  • Seamless Integration with ORACLE OPERA PMS, IDS & InnKey PMS
  • Tiered WiFi for Hotel Loyalty Programs
  • Optimal Performance In Crowded Hotel Lobbies
  • Flexible Guest WiFi Enablement
  • Real Time User Activity Monitoring & Reporting
shopping mall


Turn Free Wi-Fi into a Powerful Marketing Tool & Build Guest Data

With an in-depth analysis of customers’ behavior, Mall owners can define and fully understand their target audience. They can then optimize product offerings and promotional programs, leading to more effective campaigns and increased revenue. Use heatmaps to understand how people move around a shopping mall to optimize sales and advertising activities. Justify a differentiation of prices of commercial spaces based on data about footfall traffic and real-time vs. historical trends.

  • Fully Customized Captive Portal
  • Customer Insights & In-depth Analysis
  • Personalized Advertising Campaigns & Wi-Fi Monetization
  • Guest Footfall Heat maps, Pinpointing & Tracking, Understand Guest Traffic Flow within your Venue
  • Dwell times inform you about your customers engagement within the Mall
  • Improve customers’ on-sight experience with a Wi-Fi-based indoor navigation
  • New vs Returning mall visitor list provides information on the share of the loyal customers within the clients base measured in a given period.
  • Additional comparison of the user traffic per day in order to allocate staff accordingly (compare the off peak 29th Jan vs 2nd Feb).
  • Real-time Searching and finding individuals users by MAC address
  • Detailed Analytics per entire mall & per demarcated zones
  • Prepare targeted marketing campaigns and define the best places for displays thanks to customers’ location and behavior patterns
  • Real-time WiFi Based Occupancy Monitoring.
  • Understand Customer movement patterns inside the mall. Analyze the user traffic flow & Identify main traffic hubs
  • Real-time & Historical Data Heatmap with Real-Time Navigation
  • Analyze effectiveness of marketing campaigns by monitoring a number of new customers acquired
  • Increase brand awareness by performing proximity/location-based marketing
  • Personalized Event-based marketing campaigns
  • Wi-Fi based navigation & location aware analysis
  • Email Authentication with Verification
  • Social Media Login (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc)
  • SMS Authentication with OTP
  • Integrated Billing Plans & On-demand Accounts with Token WiFi
staff accomodation


Offering Cost Effective, Easy to use and Manage Cloud WiFi Solution with Billing. No Need of Onsite IT administrator. Manage Network from Any Where & Any Time thru LIFE TIME FREE Cloud Management Dashboard.

When it comes to wireless network infrastructure for Staff Accommodations, the most critical issue customers face is the lack of Onsite IT resources to properly deploy and manage the network. APPLICOM offers Cloud WiFi Solutions which not only offers Centralized Cloud management of Routers, Access Points & Switches but also offers the simplest voucher WiFi with In-depth User Authentication, Authorization & Accounting, user level bandwidth limitation, Data limitation, time limitation with MAC binding on first login. No Need of Onsite IT Administrator. Manage Network from Any Where & Any Time thru Centralized Cloud

  • Unlimited Life Time FREE Cloud Router, AP & Switch Management
  • Unlimited Life Time FREE Cloud User Management with AAA (User Authentication, Authorization & Accounting)
  • WiFi Billing with Token/Voucher & Access Codes
  • Hourly, Daily, Monthly & Yearly Billing Plans
  • Speed Limitation Per User
  • Data Limitation Per User
  • Limit Number of Simultaneous Device Logins per voucher
  • MAC Address Binding upon first login to avoid unauthorized WiFi access
  • PPSK Authentication
  • Social Media Login with redirection to a website after successful login
  • No Need of Onsite IT Administrator. Manage Network from Any Where & Any Time thru Cloud


Facilitate BYOD & Enrich Smart Learning with Secure, Scalable Wi-Fi

With educational apps and videos making their way into classrooms, technology is now drastically changing the way students learn. Laptops and tablets are instrumental in facilitating student teacher interaction, and ensuring that students receive the most effective learning

APPLICOM helps institutions to easily adapt to this new IT environment. Network administrators can perform detailed management of teacher and student access by creating multiple user roles, each with its own pre-defined set of policies and schedules.

  • Schedule & Role-based User Access Control
  • Optimizing Wi-Fi Performance for High Density Class Room Environments
  • Traffic Prioritization for Reliable E-Learning
  • Comprehensive Event Tracking
  • Improving High-Density Wireless Performance


coffee shops

RETAIL - Smart Cafe WiFi

Boost Retail Operational Efficiency Via Cloud 

Coffee Shops & Restaurant have become hub for Modern Meetings & Discussions. Reliable WiFi facility will encourage guests to continue their visit for extended hours and frequent visits. Ultimately, guests are satisfied and results in increased profit of the cafe. APPLICOM offers Cloud WiFi Solutions which not only offers Centralized Cloud management of Routers, Access Points & Switches but also offers Onpremises Controllers for advanced Guest WiFi Authentication options such as SMS Authentication with OTP, Social Media Login, Email Authentication with verification, Free Guest Wi-Fi with form to collect valuable guest data & Voucher/Token WiFi 

  • Fully Customized Captive Portal
  • Offer Free WiFi & Collect Guest Data  
  • SMS Authentication with OTP
  • Get Valid Email ID's thru Email Authentication with Verification
  • WiFi Billing with Voucher & Access Codes
  • Social Media Login (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc)
  • Hourly, Daily, Monthly & Yearly Billing Plans
  • Limit Number of Simultaneous Device Logins
  • Speed Limitation Per User & Data Limitation Per User
  • MAC Address Binding to avoid unauthorized WiFi access
  • Indepth User Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA)
  • Post Login Redirection to Websites
  • Unlimited Life Time FREE Cloud Access Point & User Management
  • No Need of Onsite IT Administrator. Manage Network from Any Where & Any Time thru Ruijie Cloud


Secure Enterprise WLAN with Unified BYOD Policies

With BYOD assuming its role as an industry standard, enterprises are now facing new challenges on how to manage their wireless networks. Smartphones and tablets have become a potential source for security breaches, while bandwidth-hungry applications such as HD video conferencing increasingly threaten overall network stability and performance.

APPLICOM helps enterprises provides a secure and reliable wireless network by combining standards-based 802.1X with detailed access control by user and location.

  • Robust Design with High Availability
  • Unified Branch Office Network Policies
  • 802.1X with Location-Based Access Control
  • Secure Enterprise User Authentication 


Enable Better Patient Care with Secure Managed Wi-Fi

In hospitals, wireless connectivity is becoming the mainstream method for communication in healthcare delivery systems – doctors and nurses are able to provide patients with better care, work more efficiently, and lower overall costs. However, designing a Wi-Fi network for a hospital can also be very challenging when considering how to properly manage the wireless spectrum and the potential interference with other equipment. 

With proper network planning, and spectrum analysis functionality, hospital IT administrators are able to significantly reduce the amount of wireless interference, ensuring that life-critical healthcare applications are not interrupted

  • Offer Seamless WiFi for the advanced Mobile APPs & Critical Medical equipment's
  • Providing Better Healthcare Information
  • Reliable Wireless with Seamless Mobility 
  • Higher WiFi throughput for HD IPTV's

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